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Winter Waiting April 18, 2011

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Thanksgiving with Donna's father Ralph

Donna and I have spent extensive periods of this winter separated from each other, doing rotating shifts with each of our parents who live in different states. My mother withstood six months of chemotherapy and was given a clean bill of health in February. Donna’s dad, who is almost blind and is suffering heart failure, continues to need daily caring and supervision of his health needs. In the midst of this shuffle, the Lord has blessed us with very special times with each of our Stateside children and a new granddaughter – Bia Shrift, born to Stephen and Martha.

Christmas with Eric's mother Wilma, her children, and grandchildren

As winter began to soften, we started making plans for returning to Brazil. My mother was regaining her strength and we were having preliminary success in finding a combination of  caregivers for Donna’s dad.  Our plans came to an end last week when my mother’s cancer suddenly reappeared and shows signs of being very aggressive. She has also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, along with other symptoms of rapidly declining health. We continue to wait upon the Lord and His timing in all of this.  Please pray that we might clearly discern our path as we look toward an uncertain future.


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