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1. Edith Rowand - October 10, 2012

Dear Shrift family,

What a thrill to have received this lovely update with information about each of your children whom I had learned to love so many years ago! I have already made a copy of the family photo and labeled each one with notations of the two wives and where each one is at this point in their lives.

On the 21st of Oct. 2012 we will be in Branson from Mon. til Thurs. morning. If you get me a cell phone # for Stephen I will try to get together with him and perhaps his family.

I would love to recieve newsletters from John and Edgar and I will consider supporting him. We are thrilled that he and Nathaniel are in missions.

We are well, praise the Lord. Our church here started a Bible College (Commonwealth) 12 years ago to prepare preachers. Thirty churches have been started so far. We are taking a young man (23) and his wife (18) to NJ this coming week-end. He feels led to start a church in Hudson Co. Will wait for his wife to graduate so this will be a exploration trip. They ard David and Larel Bobbitt. Thanks for your prayers for them, us, our Lexington church (Clays Mill Road Baptist) (crmrb.org), our Pastor Jeff Fugate and our college (Commonwealth Baptist College).

Edith Rowand
(eanderowand@yahoo.com) (859-588-0755, cell)

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